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FIDGET SPINNER CAT by Neytirix FIDGET SPINNER CAT :iconneytirix:Neytirix 1,021 100 [Commission] Jack by Pupster0071 [Commission] Jack :iconpupster0071:Pupster0071 28 3 Taking over Midinght[Redraw] by Imaplatypus Taking over Midinght[Redraw] :iconimaplatypus:Imaplatypus 15 4 Lumie by NynaAce Lumie :iconnynaace:NynaAce 7 0 Snow Globe (Warning Pastel Gore!!) by StarlightHowler Snow Globe (Warning Pastel Gore!!) :iconstarlighthowler:StarlightHowler 2 0
Mxls: Fix the Nixing Chapter 3
For the first time in their entire lives, the Nix Fixers found themselves waking up to the feel of the lightbulb sun spreading light beams into their faces, rather than the sounds of droning horns blasting them up extra-early. They managed to have a breakfast of champions, rather than a breakfast of that random gloop Frau Nixel kept continuing to shovel at them. For the first time, they were actually enjoying their lives, rather than having it forced to them by a dictator.
By the time their breakfast had finished digesting (after a good round of cartoons they had never even heard of before); the trio was trekking down the cliffs of Mixel Mountain, trying to find any sources of population. If they wanted to be full-fledged Mixels, they’d have to learn how to mix and mingle with the new tribes, both figuratively and literally in their cases.
“So, who’s on our list to meet first?” Voyd asked, as Kybosh looked at the list that he had scrawled out from memory.
:iconzootycutie:ZootyCutie 15 17
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On a Silver Platter (Gore Warning)
Alexa doesn't like Raindrop.We always know that.But,when she finds out the she's weak as Hydro she waits until Hydro is formed.Then,she takes the chance and kills her.How she disposed of the body?She was served up on a silver platter to Alexa.
Sorry this is so dark.I'll post something happy later.
I like going to the library.Yeah.I guess I'm a little nerd.
Jealous Alexa
"What's so special about a stupid alicorn?....
I have talent too.Don't you see that?..
Water is overrated,anyway!...
I'm more than just a unicorn.Why can't that foolish princess see that?"

You have talent,Alexa.Use it for good and people will see that.You're perfect the way you are.I hope you recognize that.
I'm officially out of school for summer now! <w>
(Fanart)-Fave Speedpainters
These are my inspirations for drawing pony art.I love all of them and their work.
:iconemalajiss36: -she was my first ever speedpainter that I watched on Youtube.She's the one that inspired me to start drawing pony art.If it wasn't for her,I probably wouldn't be drawing what I do today.
:iconmaneblue: -Her style is so cute and it's amazing to see how her style has changed over time.I like how realistic her ponies look and the creative ideas she comes up with.
:iconohhoneybee: -Her OCs are goals and she has a good way of coming up with them.Her ideas for them are so good and creative.I'd like to see more of them.
:iconblazingcookie717: -She has good OCs and a good style that can be easily recognizable.Her OCs have good back stories.I also really love the color palettes she uses for them.
So,these are my fave MLP speedpainters.You should go watch them.You'll love their profiles and art.I know I do.
Emala Jiss(c)-:iconemalajiss36:
Cloudy Night,Honey Bee(c)-:iconohhoneybee:
Toxic Gears,Blazing Cookie(c)-:iconblazingcookie717:
So before I get into the story,let me say that my dad's a bus driver.He has to drive a bus for me to go to school for free.I have to ride that bus every day to school and back.I'm not telling the schedule for when I get on it and stuff.It would make this story too long.It already is actually.Anyway,here's what happened.

We were at my school parked where the bus usually is.Everyone got on it and we were ready to leave.My dad cranked the bus.AND IT WOULDN'T CRANK OR DO ANYTHING AT ALL.We were stuck there about 20 miles from where most of the people who ride it live.And 40 frickin' miles from where I live!Naturally,after a few minutes people started getting pissed off and talking up a storm.It was so loud in there!The school's mechanic tried to boost it up using jumper cables.It didn't work.So,my friend and I messed around with each other a little.Then,everyone was planning to call their parents and who would hitch a ride with someone else's parents.People started calling parents and then my dad said we'll have to take one of the school's buses back to where the bus is originally parked at.The bus belongs that broke down belongs to another school.That's where it's parked in the morning when we go get it.The other business took so frickin long to get to us!We got on it and went back to where we were supposed to park the bus.Everyone got out and went home.We left the bus back at the school with the hood up and the key in the ignition.Surprisngly,it was 30 minutes before we got on the new bus.I thought it was an hour!They said it was a broken switch or loose switch or something.I don't remember.I'm so glad we got home.I thought we never would.This all happened yesterday.I was just shaken enough to forget to write about it then.So,here you go today!
All in all,my reaction to this whole thing was "ekdihfjrjgizjejgj!"


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Julie Farmer
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I love drawing mostly ponies.🎨😏
Drawing is my life.✏💙💚💛💜💖
I love to draw gore!🔪
I also want to practice painting and realistic drawings.
:iconrequestsopen: :icontradesopen:
:iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconcollabsask: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnokiribans:
I support art not popularity by Grotesse
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Love when you draw my characters by ShiroiKrow Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Fandom Stamp by Latiosdude
No Matter Their Age or Gender by endler Late... by prosaix Drawing is my Drug Stamp by ARSugarPie
Gore Lover [STAMP] by Lentertament Color: Pink by Mandspasm Addicted to stamps by Drake1
I can be a cinnamon roll or the opposite sometimes.It depends.
I like cute things and sweet stuff.Although,sometimes I like being edgy.
I am a pegasister and watch Cartoon Network a lot.So,I am a fan of almost all of the shows on there.📺
I listen to country music more than anything 🎧🎵
Instagram:julie_the_drawer 📷
Snapchat:drawer_julie1 👻
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